About the Law Firm

The Szabunio – Ziarkowski i Partnerzy Adwokaci i  Radcowie Prawni spó┼éka partnerska. Law Firm was established by lawyers with many years’ experience in the justice system and various law firms and was established on 1 October 2009. Initially we acted  as civil partnership. As from the year 2012 we have transformed our business to Professional Partnership.

As from October 2013 Mr. Krzysztof Golec Attorney at Law has joined our Law Firm as new partner.

The many years of practical legal experience of our team as well as the lawyers and tax advisers who cooperate with our law firm enable us to render comprehensive, expert and reliable legal and tax advisory services.

The primary goal of the Law Firm is to act not only as a provider of counselling but first and foremost as

We wish to realize our mission through:

  • Understanding the exact nature of our client’s business;
  • Active participation in the client’s business;
  • Providing precise and reliable legal counselling that is optimal with respect to the costs, the character and scale of the business activity.
  • Answering each and every question and clarifying any uncertainties arising from the conducted or planned activity from the widest perspective possible, including the context of law and common EU economic practice.
  • Minimizing administrative and procedural duties connected with the business activity;
  • Providing assistance and mediation in contacts with investors, partners and administrative bodies.

Our law firm may also inform our clients about planned changes to the rules of law with regard to how they may affect the conducted business activity.

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