Framework of cooperation

The basic key principle of our law firm is the absolute CONFIDENTIALITY of the cases conducted on behalf and for the clients. Therefore, cooperation usually begins with signing a non-disclosure agreement in the form proposed by the law firm or the client.

Further steps in our cooperation are as follows:

  1. Signing a contract of cooperation with our law firm, either long-term or for specified projects, or an acceptance on behalf of the client of the conditions of cooperation (acceptance of an offer).
  2. The law firm will inform the client who will be responsible for long-term representation and supervision over the client’s affairs.
  3. Agreeing on the timeframes of a particular project or for the law firm to answer the client’s questions. The standard response time for questions specified in the contract does not exceed 48 hours. If the case is more complicated and requires a deeper legal analysis or consultation with other lawyers, a representative of the law firm will contact the client in order to establish the deadline for issuing an opinion.
  4. The law firm can be contacted via e-mail at, or by post at its address: Szabunio, Ziarkowski i Partnerzy Adwokaci i RadcowiePrawni Sp. P., 13 Komety St; 80-299, or at 601 676 537 or 600 095 631
  5. Each order by the client additional to the standard services rendered by the law firm and specified in the contract of cooperation will be individually agreed upon.
  6. Specifications regarding the hours and the scope of work performed in a particular month are drafted once a month.
  7. The specification is accepted by the client each time, and, subsequently, constitutes the basis for issuing an invoice for the law firm’s services.
  8. The invoice is issued after the work has been finished, every month, or in another period agreed upon with the client. 

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